North Perth Basin, Western Australia: Summary

Palatine has been selected by the Western Australian Department of Mines & Petroleum as the preferred applicant for EPA-STP-0127.  Granting of a full Exploration Permit is subject only to Native Title agreements.

Once granted, STP-EPA-0127 will be the largest exploration permit in the Perth Basin.  The Permit is transected by the NW Shelf to Perth/Bunbury gas pipeline, which may be accessed. The Permit is therefore accessible to major  energy markets, incuding potential export.

A description of the geology and resource potential of STP-EPA-0127 is available at North Perth Basin


North Perth

Whole basin or sub-basin yes
Area of permit application EPA-STP-0127 10,000 km2
Wells with gas shows or flows in permits none
Wells with gas/oil flows in adjacent permits many
Current oil/gas production in adjacent permits many
Permit access sea/road/air
Indicative plays/leads yes
Infrastructure/market access close yes
Environmental Risk medium
Sovereign Risk none