Projects - Permits and Applications

Portfolio Summary  

North Perth Basin, WA

Arauco Basin, Central Chile

Western Officer Basin, WA


Palatine Portfolio

Number of basins in portfolio3
Total area of all permits in portfolio52,000 km2
Number of whole basins or sub-basins2 of 3 (1)
Basins with oil/gas shows or flowsall
Basins with current oil and/or gas production1 of 3 (2)
Permits without well control1 of 3 (3)
Permits with indicative plays/leadsall
Infrastructure/market access close2 of 3 (4)
Environmental Risknone
Sovereign Risknone

(1) North Perth (Coolcalalaya Sub-Basin); Arauco
(2) North Perth
(3) North Perth (Coolcalalaya Sub-Basin)
(4) North Perth; Arauco